Lynx(axe) Brand Analysis


It was first launched in France in the year 1983 as Axe. In 1985, the brand was introduced in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australasia as Lynx. Unilever owns this brand.


International Business:

Axe was immensely successful in France. Unilever wanted to turn that little success into a global sensation. They introduced it to Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa and America. The brand is extremely successful in most of the countries around the world.


Target Audience:

Lynx is mainly targeted to younger audience aged from 16 to 32 years old. Mainly it is brand for male but now Lynx is trying to attract female as well. Lynx (Axe) is a global brand. It’s sold widely around the world. So they target people from around the world. Most of the people who are student, graduate, unemployed or looking for a job. People who are single or in a relationship. They like have fun. Social life is very important to them. They go to pub or night clubs in weekend.



Lynx has launched deodorant body spray, shower gel, shampoo, hair gel and bullet spray to market. It launches different type of fragrance in their products each year which turns them to a unique brand. When Lynx launched a new fragrance or smell, they use it to all products they have in the market. Below some of the current products are explained.


Lynx 2012:

Lynx 2012 was introduced in the market as a limited edition fragrance mixing cool, masculine spices with sparkling green citrus notes. They used this fragrance in both deodorant body spray and shower gel. Some bullet spray was out too.


Lynx Attract:

Lynx Attract is in the market for a long time now. It has fruity freshness and woody sensuality. This fragrance is used only on body spray. A dry edition of this fragrance is also in the market.


Lynx Dark Temptation:

Lynx Dark temptation is produced using chocolate scent.  Lynx Dark Temptation is designed to stir the female desire for all things chocolate. The delicious smell will enable man to make more desirable by woman. Lynx Dark Temptation comes in body spray, antiperspirant spray, roll-on, eau de toilette and shower gel.


Lynx Sport Blast:

Lynx Sport Blast is mainly designed for active male audience. This scent is created to enable man to engage to woman in anywhere. It comes in body spray, roll-on and shower gel.


Lynx Africa:

Lynx Africa is the most famous fragrance in Lynx history. This different fragrance has spicy African flavours and aromas. It comes in body spray, stick and roll-on, after shave and shower gel.


Lynx Excite:

Lynx Excite is created with mixture of fresh green accords and woody scents. This product is believed to enhance sex appeal. It comes in body spray, shower get and roll-on.




Lynx also have some other fragrance called Night which is only sold on Asda. Lynx produce different sorts of hair and shower gel as well. Lynx Attract is also approached for female audience in the UK.





Body Spray

(150 ml)

£2.00 to £3.00

Bullet Shot


£1.50 to £3.49

Shower Gel

(250 ml)

£1.00 to £2.00

Hair Gel

(75 ml and 125 ml)

£2.00 to £4.00


(300 ml)

£2.00 t0 £3.49




Lynx products are sold through supermarkets and some local shops. Various retailers put deals like buy one get free or buy 3 for the price of 2. Lynx is also sold on Internet which is full of discounts. Independent website gives different discounts on the price.


Marketing Activity:

Lynx is a very active brand in the man’s fragrance and toiletries market. They produce different fragrance every year. So many varieties in their products forces consumers to buy their products. In 2011 Lynx spent £6.8 million in advertising (NEMS Reports). The company increased its advertising expenditure on Lynx products by 17.1% , and spent the most on its standard deodorant range.



It’s established worldwide. Its products are cheap and classy. Affordable price of the product makes everyone to buy it. Lynx website has lots of detail information about their products. Layout of the website is also attractable to its audience. Lynx has been introducing a lot of new fragrance and some of them are special edition for a time or for a special place. It keeps their audience always connected with their products. Recently it introduced new fragrance targeting female audience. So it will increase their market. Lynx ads are very creative. People shares and save them. Messages are very clear as well based on their smell.



Lynx market so many products. Some of them are for limited edition. It’s expensive to launch new products in the market. Sometimes they might not make huge profit of them. Most of the Lynx product is sold around the supermarkets. Some people might think it’s not a desirable product to buy at all.



Lynx has recently launched a new product for female audience. It’s trying to become a unisex brand. Some people doesn’t like Unisex brand. Its core audience were male. So it may lose male attraction. People are losing jobs every day because economic downturn and government cut. It may cause low sales in some point.



Lynx does not have any perfume in bottle. They could make a huge impact in the perfume market. Lynx doesn’t have a lot of loyal customers. If they can keep this younger audience happy even when they are old, it will be beneficial for the company.
















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