Lynx Advertisement Analysis; Campaign: ‘Clean your balls’s’

‘Clean your balls’


Video advertisement

Target audience:

Lynx ads are targeted to men aged from 16 to 32 years old. Man who are
interested to increase sexual appeal and to get woman. Man who are interested
in sports. This ad is mainly focusing on those men who are in a relationship or
looking for a relationship. It’s targeted on those want to be fit and clean.



Lynx has been using humorous and sexual advertisement for a long time.

In this
ad Lynx promotes a product called ‘man washer’ which clean man’s testicles.
They used different types of sports balls to symbolise men’s testicles.

In this
ad, Lynx is trying to tell its audience to become a man who is attracted by sexy

In this campaign advertiser used a celebrity called Amber Jones.
Amber jones is considered a very sexy woman. Her outfit demonstrates that she
is a tennis player. Amber Jones presented herself as a specialist in this advert.

The set is very professional so that people will understands this advert as a
television show rather than an advert. Lynx name is attached to the wall to make
sure people can keep seeing its logo. By seeing that big logo, anybody will
understand that the advert is for Lynx.

The host has a very curious voice tone;
on the other hand, Amber jones has a very confident voice tone. Host is playing
roles of girlfriend of man. In this ad, video is captured from viewer’s angle.
When a person talks, the video is zoomed to that person to engage audience
only to her. There were some very close up shots as well. As the ‘man washer’
is a small object, they captured the video very closely.

There were some side
stories as well. One guy who asked question first, his girlfriend has the face
which tells she hates it, but when Amber Jones ensures that balls can be
cleaned, the woman has a happy face. These side stories show people’s
reaction to the product. All the guys who asked question have different speaking
styles and different professions. At the end claps from audience makes people
believe that the ad has fulfilled their desire.

In clapping time, the picture of ‘man
washer ‘and shower gel are shown together. It was done to make sure people
know how they could buy it. There were some subtitles on the video such as
‘take care when using on sensitive areas’. This subtitle is used to make sure that
audience understand what the ad is about.

Length of the video is 2 minutes 15
seconds. I believe they have made a 30 seconds version for television. In this
video ad testimonial technique has been used to grab attention of target
audience. Former tennis legend Amber Jones has introduced a new free gift
called ‘man washer’ for men along with Lynx shower gel. In the advertisement, it
is watched that a woman cleaning man’s ball to show how much Lynx products
can do for man.

Then they introduced bandwagon technique to make the ad
more successful. One man is asked to join Amber Jones to clean balls. Amber
jones instructed the man how to clean them. When the cleaning is done, a
woman is used to give her testimonial on clean balls. ‘Wow’ is the first uttered
by the woman when she feels clean balls. This word is used when something
exceptional happens. It is used to tell audience that every woman will feel like
her. It is believed that when someone sees it, he starts believing it. At the end,
using that woman makes the effect of the ‘man washer’ more realistic.

In one
point, a black man throws some huge balls. It refers to hugeness of his
testicles. When he throws straight to the set it makes everyone laugh. By using
this throwing, humour is brought to the advert.

At the end, Amber Jones
announces the way to get the product. Information is given so that audience
can get the product which is advertised.


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