Brut Advert Analysis: Campaign: Late / Pregnant (2012)


Brut has been using different techniques to establish itself as a brand for strong man.
Most of the campaigns are emphasized on building that image. It engages with its audience through television advertisements, print advertisements, official websites and social media websites. It was advertised as a sexual brand in late 80s. In 90s, it established itself as a masculine brand. Now, the brand presents itself as a brand of a strong man who is masculine,
caring and funny.

Video advertisement

Target Audience:
The advert is targeted to males aged from 25 to 45 years old who are currently in a relationship. Man who are working and have a permanent job. It’s mainly targeted to young professionals. Those man who goes to night out regularly. It’s targeted to man who have a sense of humour. Analysis: The video is captured at a washroom which has a basin, some towels and a small wardrobe. By seeing this scenario, consumer will easily understand where the advert is captured. The reason behind capturing this ad in a washroom is that most likely man toiletry products are kept in a washroom or in a toilet.

On first scene, a man is getting ready for a party. Both the man and woman were wearing dresses which are worn only when people go to a party. The actor was dressed properly with black pant, shirt and a formal tie. A typical man will be dressed like him when they go to a formal party. The actress wears a black dress which made it clear that they intend to go to a party.

The lady prepared herself before the man. A man is supposed to get ready before a woman. But in this advert, the male is taking more time than the woman. Then she checked her teeth out to make sure she is perfect. Then she asks her men to get ready as soon as possible and not to make it late. By asking the man to get ready relates to the laziness of the man.

Then the actor splashes Brut after shave lotion on his face. After splashing Brut lotion he hears screaming of the woman. By hearing that scream, audience will guess something happened to that actress. Suddenly, the woman comes back to scene with a pregnant belly. The woman looks very worried. She asked the man about what he has done that made her pregnant. The man looks at camera and smiled in a creepy way to approve that it was the splash of Brut product what enables him to make the woman pregnant.

Though the woman is pregnant, the actor is seemed very confident and not freaked out by the situation. By showing this attitude, he is making an impression of a strong man.

At the very end of the advert, link to Brut’s Facebook page is shown on the screen to tell the audience about its social media activities of the brand. It will encourage audience of the advert to check the social media page to make connections with the brand.

There are some pictures on the wall. Few of them are coloured green. Green is a colour which has been used to build the corporate identity of Brut brand.

Happy guitar and drum based music is used at the end of video when the product and slogan have been introduced. Music wasn’t used until the story was told to make the ad more casual.

The whole video is taken from a mirror view. The actor and actress were looking at mirror or camera most of the time to make eye contact with viewers.

Some very close up shots were taken to send message properly. For example, close up shots were taken while the man splashes the after shave lotion. Close up shot is taken to show how the product can be used so that audience will know the process of splashing it on.
Another close up shot was taken to show the product more closely because it is a small object. The actor is represented as a transforming male in the ad. Firstly, he was slower than a woman. When he uses Brut after shave lotion, he turned into a very fast man. It connects to Brut’s strategy of advertising as a brand of strong man.

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