‘The Motherhood’ Fiat 500L Advert went viral


Fiat has riddled the internet world with its Motherhood rap video which details the realities of life as a modern mum.

According to The Drum, Eschewing the usual car advert cliches in favour of rhymes such as “Work versus home is a mental complication/I got my elbows deep in infant defecation”, Fiat’s amusing spot motors to the top of this week’s chart after being shared more than 30,000 times over the last seven days.

It has been viewed over 2 million times alone on Youtube.

According to DNA, The advert for the new Fiat 500L – created by Krow Communications – features actress Rachel Donovan, as the sleep-deprived mother rapping about milk, nappy rash and being covered in children’s vomit, the Telegraph reported.

In the video, she is seen singing about how she can “pop a nappy in his butt without a changing mat. CBeebies now my crew and I’m down with Postman Pat.

She goes on to claim that she is, “I’m a school run taker, fairy cake baker, deal maker, orgasm faker, nit raker, rattle shaker, cheese grater, night-time waker. I’m a placater. Peacemaker.

One of the top comments on that video by Chris Jennings

‘As a parent I am amazed at any negative comments. The thing is, we go through all she says, and more, and still we laugh. This is purely a very funny comment on parenthood and the fact that, despite all this, we still carry on because we love them. There should be no negative comments here, just an appreciation that someone has voiced what we already know in a way that makes us smile. Excellent advert’.


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