‘Apple’ products- My thoughts


Apple is a fruit what is full of vitamin C. But we think its sweet and not sour. It tricks us everyday. I know you all have this information. Then why we are here then. Because, ‘Apple’ is acting as a cool brand and you guys are spending all your moneys on this wasted brand. Just be clear- you are a stupid. Oh yeah, you think you are not. I can assure you that you are 100% stupid.

I personally like Mac Book Pro laptops. But when it comes to payment, I just can’t resist myself from saying WTF. They are using their impressive branding techniques to take money from you.

Lets talk about Iphone. Iphone is easier to use and fasionable. But everyone is using it. Its not cool. It won’t make any difference. I currently work part-time in a restaurant. There is a kitchen porter who uses latest Iphone 5. His status and my status is different. Thats why I can’t buy Iphone.

What about Ipod? I love those music devices. I personally thank ‘Apple’ for making them. You should keep for focusing on shrinking them not on enlarging them.

Ipad? Oh god they are in so many generations. Man I just can’t make my mind which one to buy. Lol.

Written By: Wakib Ullah ; 14.01.2013 ; Bebbington; United Kingdom


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