Lynx ‘Even angels will fall’ Advertisement Analysis


‘Even angels will fall’



Video advertisement

Target Audience:

Main target audience of this ad is young man aged from 18 to 30 years old.
Man who have a busy life. It emphasized on man who doesn’t use any other
products to look sexy apart from deodorant spray.


It is an advertisement which is created to be broadcasted on television. But it
has been used in online and outdoor too.

The advertisement is 1 minute and 31
seconds long. 30 seconds and 45 seconds version are also created. In this ad,
the message is sent to audience is that Lynx Excite is the deodorant spray which
can makes a man to attract angel like woman. Lynx excite is so irresistible that
woman will do anything for it.

In this ad we see how women are stereotypically
shown as these good looking and sexy girls in some point seems as an angel
.As also we see how a women is at home putting out the clothes, showing a
stereotype of women be the “housewife”.

As the good looking and sexy girls
falling from heaven show a sense of the male fantasy. Angels did everything to
get the man. They broke their halos too. It represents how strongly a woman
can be attracted to a man.

The advertisement was shot in Italy. The atmosphere
is so believable. Ancient structure of the buildings makes the story more

At beginning of the ad, when angels fell on the ground there was pin
point silence. All sorts of people are astonished by the incidence. Silence
grabbed the attention and intentionally told audience how important it is. No
sexy man was shown at the very first moment. Angels were going somewhere. It
made people to think what angels are up to. But at last they found the man who
sprayed Lynx excite. It means that Lynx Excite is so unique that it can attract
anybody from anywhere.

Woman are represented as angels, on the other hand,
men is represented as god. All angels were going towards god representing
women are actually in the world for male pleasures and desires.

There were
different types of camera shots has been used. Most of the shots are taken
from a safe distance. There were some very close shots for example when
angels have seen the man for first time showing their desire in their face.

music has been used which is similar to church chorus. The music makes the
ad more realistic. Music brought more seriousness on the ad. Story telling
technique has been used in this ad. Myth has been turned into a humorous and

Lynx has been criticised for using woman as very sex-addict in most of
their ads. But in this, women are represented as angels. It shows how they are
changing their techniques and reacting to critics.


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