How to show summery at back of your plan

I am currently developing a campaign strategy for a men’s brand called ‘Brut’. Thought you may learn from it. I published it for you……..

•Why we are advertising?
To position Brut as a brand of confidence and establish a strong social media presence.

•Whom we are talking to?
Male aged 18 to 40 years old. Single or in a relationship. Looking for love. Image cocious, Social class: BCD. Fat and employed. Reads magazine and newspaper. Uses internet. Mobile and busy.

•Who they currently think?
Low self esteem. Unattractive. They want to be attractive.

•What would we like them to think?
By using Brut products, they will become attractive

•What is the most single persuasive idea we can convey?
Each other brand is different from Brut. Brut is the man’s brand.

•Why should they believe it?
Because its simple and persuasive idea. It does make Brut as a serious brand rather than becoming joke and sexual like other competitors such as Old Spice & Lynx.

•How do we execute the strategy?
Using below and above the line media to attract audience and build on that.

•What media vechicles we will use?
Magazine, Newspaper, Outdoor and Internet advertising.


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