Survey questionnaire for a recycling campaign for a university


Survey Questionnaire:


We are looking at ways of reducing the carbon footprint of the University of Chester. We would like to ask you about how we might go about improving recycling by the University.

All responses will be confidential. No information will be shared with third parties.


Tick boxes to answer questions. Write in the space provided if it’s needed.


1.  What’s your gender?

 ☐ Male           ☐ Female


2. Do you recycle?

 ☐ Yes               ☐ No (Go to No. 6)               ☐ Sometimes


3. How often do you recycle?

☐ All the time

☐ Daily

☐ Weekly

☐ Monthly

☐ Not sure


4. What materials do you recycle? (Tick All Applicable)

Paper   (e.g. Book, Newspaper, Magazine, Greeting card)

Glass   (e.g. Glass Bottle, Jar)

Aluminium   (e.g. Aerosol, Can, Foil)

Plastic   (e.g. Carrier bag, Bottle, Yoghurt pot)

Textiles   (e.g. Clothes, shoes)

Electrical   (e.g. Battery, Mobile phone, Computer)


Others (please state_____________________________________________)


5.   Why do you recycle? (Tick All Applicable) (Go to No. 7)

☐ “Recycling saves energy.”

☐ “Recycling reduces landfills.”

☐ “Recycling preserves our resources and protects wildlife.”

☐ “Recycling is good for the economy.”

☐ “Recycling helps our climate problems.”

☐  Others (please state_____________________________________________)


6.Why don’t you recycle? (Tick All Applicable)

☐ Trash is an eyesore.

☐ “If they paid me, I’d recycle.”

☐ “Recycling doesn’t make a difference. So why do it?”

☐ “It is just too hard to do.”

☐ Others (please state_____________________________________________)


7. How convenient do you find recycling?

☐ Very Convenient

☐ Convenient

☐ Neutral

☐ Irritating

☐ Don’t want to do it


8. How far would you be prepared or expect to travel to use recycling bins?

☐ 5 meters

☐ 10 meters

☐ 20 meters

☐ 50 meters

☐ None


9. What recycling bins do you use while you are in the campus? (Tick All Applicable)

☐ Plastic bottle bin

☐ Can bin

☐ Paper bin

☐ None

☐ Others (please state_____________________________________________)


10. Are you happy with the recycling procedures that are in place at the University campus?



Please explain


11. Is there anything that you feel we can do to make recycling easier?















More recycle bins

Make the bin accessible

Make them more visible using signs

Fine those who neglect


12. Do you believe people need to be more educated on the subject of recycling and know where items go after they have been recycled?

☐ Strongly Agree

☐ Agree

☐ Neutral

☐ Disagree

☐ Strongly Disagree


13. Do you purchase any products made from recycled materials?

☐ Never heard of it

☐ None

☐ Once

☐ Few times

☐ A lot


15. What can be recycled? (Tick All Applicable)

 Please tick those objects that you think can be recycled.




Don’t Know



Carrier Bags

Glass Bottles

Yellow Pages





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