University of Chester (Green Chester) Recycling Campaign. ( film / video)

It’s been long time, I have posted anything on my blog. The reason why I didn’t blog is my dedication to University of Chester’s (Green Chester) recycling campaign. For last two months I have been working on this amazing campaign.


At the end, we have created an one minute film, a number of posters, signs, maps, flash ads and etc.


We have created a likable character Bennie. Main inspiration behind making this film came from famous Jhon Lewis advert.


The recycling bin is neglected. Nobody uses him. Then he starts to walk and tries to interact with human. But nobody realises him. Suddenly a cheeky guy sees him but that guy shuts the door infront of the bin. To make it worse, another passing guy drop a food waste into the bin. The bin gets angry. He gets through more stories like that. Then suddenly everybody starts using him. Then he gets a smiley face.


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